Your company or organisation has a VAT number and you wish to place an order. Don’t forget to indicate the name and VAT number of your company or organisation in your profile. The field where you can enter this will only appear once you have entered the name of your company or organisation.

Your company has a foreign VAT number (not Belgian) starting with FR, DE, GB, NL, LU or DK. is a Belgian company. This means you can purchase your goods from us without VAT (in accordance with intra-community supply between VAT-registered traders). To do so, please proceed as follows:

1. Create your profile in our web shop, indicating your delivery and invoicing address, company name and VAT number.

2. Contact us (please indicate the email address you registered your web shop profile with), so we can verify your details and activate this option for you.

3. Order from our web shop without paying VAT.