Flightcase-brico.com has fixed shipping charges for every country it delivers to. This fixed fee applies to orders from € 35.00 excl. VAT or € 42.35, incl. VAT. We must unfortunately apply an additional administrative fee for smaller orders. 

Country Fixed shipping charges
BelgiumNetherlands, Luxembourg 10,00 € VAT incl.
(8,26 € VAT excl.)
Germany 15,00 € VAT incl.
(12,40 € VAT excl.)
France, United Kingdom 20,00 € VAT incl.
(16,53 € VAT excl.)
Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Austria 25,00 € VAT incl.
(20,66 € VAT excl.)

Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, 
Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, 
Slovenia, Czech RepublicSweden

30,00 € VAT incl.
(24,79 € VAT excl.)

Cyprus, Malta, Croatia, Monaco, Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gibraltar, Iceland,
Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway,
Ukraine, Russian Federation, San Marino,
Serbia, Turkey, Vatican City State, Belarus

40,00 € VAT incl.
(33,06 € VAT excl.)

Canada, USA

(55,00 € VAT excl.)


When you order extrusions of 199 cm or when you order wood or plastic panels or PVC foil there will be an extra shipping cost of 20 euro excl. VAT. Our web shop will add this extra cost automatically when you order this type of products.

You might be used to lower shipping charges. Maybe you lately ordered a new smartphone of, say, 400 EUR and the postal charges for this were lower, or even free. Bear in mind, though, that a smartphone barely weighs a few hundred grams, while an order of flight case hardware for the same amount of money will maybe weigh 40 kg, while also containing long pieces (in excess of 150 cm). As transports are charged per kilogram, it’s unfortunately logical that shipping charges for flight case hardware will be more expensive.